SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Catholics in Sacramento gathered for a noon service on Monday, just like they do on any day.

Many say they are happy about the Pope’s comments on how he would not judge priests on their sexual orientation.

Father James Murphy with the Diocese of Sacramento says the Pope wasn’t saying anything Catholics haven’t heard before.

“What he was doing was quoting from the catechism of the church, which warns against discrimination of gays and makes the important point that being gay is not a sin. It’s acting on it that’s the sin.”

But the comments come as a shock to some, because homosexuality in the Catholic church has been a hot-button issue that’s been challenged by popes in the past.

Father Murphy says it’s a great reminder to anyone who may have forgotten that the church is all about acceptance.

Moving forward in acceptance, but Father Murphy says the church won’t change centuries of teachings.

“Homosexual activity is wrong, and the church will never change on that, but we need to be careful to avoid discrimination.”

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