Keith and Dave led off the show by talking about last night’s blown call in the Rays/Red Sox game, a theme that dominated a good part of the show. Instant replay in baseball and the question of whether umpires are really necessary with modern technology sparked a heated debate in which neither side was willing to give in.

Today’s Five Big Questions touched on Chip Kelly’s impact with the Eagles, Pete Rose telling Bryce Harper to not play recklessly, Hunter Mahan pulling out of a golf tournament to be with his wife as she gives birth, the offseason moves made by the Kings, and of course the blown call by Jerry Meals that cost the Red Sox the division lead.

The guys also gave their choices for “Three Up/Three Down” as well as the Red Card Payoff – the boys had limited their Red Cards today, but Keith was ruled biggest loser for flaking on a golf outing with Nate for a sponsorship deal with Sleep Train. Nate was devastated.


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