Keith Brooks & Carmichael Dave – July 31, 2013

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Keith Brooks and Carmichael Dave
IMG_2551 Carmichael Dave
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Keith and Dave opened the show by beating the cobwebs out of Mike D after Mike missed yesterday’s show. After going through some off-field headlines, the guys moved on to sports. Michael Crabtree’s injury took center stage in the early going, with the question being posed as to whether Anquan Boldin can pick up the slack for the injured 49ers’ wideout.

They then hit the Five Big Questions, discussing Gary Player’s comments on Rory McIlroy, whether the Pirates are for real, the Red Sox’ acquisition of Jake Peavy, whether the 49ers are the favorite to get back to the Super Bowl, and Tim Tebow’s role on the Patriots.

The guys gave their choices for “Three Up/Three Down” and followed it up with “Make the Case”.

After going back over the headlines for the day, it was time for the Red Card Payoff. Keith and Dave were even through three and a half hours, but Keith was ultimately ruled the Big Loser of the Day for trying to oppress Nate and Mike D by not letting them speak their piece during “Three Up/Three Down.”

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