CERES (CBS13) — A Facebook post prompts police to show up at a man’s door after he threatened to shoot his pet, but now he’s the one getting the threats.

Only on CBS13, Derek Shore talked with the man about the nationwide attention and what he’s learned from it.

“I love dogs, I got three of them.”

But what Mark Joiner told the world he had planned for his youngest dog, Stella, had people nationwide terrified.

“It went too far, I’m not a bad person.”

Mark says he recently turned to Facebook to vent after Stella had an accident and caused some damage in the house.

Joking that he wanted to give the dog away, but it’s what he wrote next that had people fearful for the dog saying “pick her up today, or she’ll be shot and stuck in a hole.”

The joke that went viral—a flood of messages and phone calls with no one laughing.

“People from Texas, people from the Bay Area, down in L.A. Someone from Alabama—it just blew up.”

Even a death threat.

“If someone doesn’t deal with this guy, I’m going to personally.”

Sgt. Danny Vierra with Ceres Police says dispatchers were busy with dozens of calls.

“I don’t think I’ve had such an influx of calls,” he said. “Unfortunately it takes resources from the police department, because we have to follow up on these cases.”

“Everybody who Facebooked me, from PETA or wherever, I let them know. I understand your concern. It’s a joke,” Mark said.

Stella meanwhile is alive and happy. Police stopped by Mark’s home to make sure.

As for the backlash, Mark says it’s a chance to learn.

“Watch what you say, don’t go too far. If you want to make a joke, make it PG.”

Ceres Police say Joiner will not be charged with any crimes, but if Stella had been a human, Joiner could have been arrested.


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