SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — As the state begins to see home prices rising and consumer spending up, Sacramento’s job market also looks to be improving.

“I feel it is really hard to get a job, unless you know someone that is working in a certain place.”

Panhinder Singh’s frustrations may soon ease as the Sacramento market looks to be improving.

Jonathan Lederer and the Sacramento Business Review team’s economic forecast reveals that while unemployment will remain flat through the end of the year, employers will begin to post more full-time jobs.

“I’m not sure there is going to be this massive change, where all of a sudden there is full-time hiring, but I think it’s going to be on the margin, and it will be positive.”

While some sectors will struggle, Lederer says Sacramento will see growth in retail and sales, leisure and hospitality, and construction.

Competition for those jobs will be high, but Andrew Stock, with the employment-placement company Manpower, says do your research, and you’ll have a chance to land one of these future openings if you understand what a company wants.

“Using the Internet as a guide, you can see a common trend: Everyone wants me to know this one thing and then go learn for that one skill.”

With an economy improving and more full-time opportunities on the way, it gives jobseekers such as Panhinder hope he may finally land that career he has been seeking.

“I hope so. You gotta have a positive mindset if you want to achieve something in life.”

Many employers say don’t be afraid to apply for a job, just be ready to explain how your skillset applies to the new position.


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