FOLSOM (CBS13) — A driver whose truck fell 150 feet down an embankment and ended up at the base of Folsom Dam says he has an idea of what might have caused the accident.

“I came around the corner slower than usual. Next thing I know, I woke up Wednesday afternoon.”

With his jaw wired shut, Chris McGuigan, 26, still can’t believe he’s able to tell us his story.

“It’s just crazy. It’s crazy to think that someone would get in an accident like I got into, and had a vehicle look the way my truck looks, and to know a week later I’m walking around, talking.”

His truck was split in two when it went over a cliff near Folsom Dam last week.

“My father and I talked about it, and we think I may have just fallen asleep.”

And even though he doesn’t remember the accident, the pain from his injuries isn’t going away anytime soon.

“I broke my right leg in two spots, and I fractured my pelvis, I believe in three spots. And I broke four ribs, and I fractured my shoulder blade.”

Chris also broke his nose, his jaw in two places and fractured his skull. But he’s already taking steps to make a full recovery.

“I can walk. It’s not comfortable, but I do it. There’s only one way of getting better, and that’s practicing every day.

And every day, focusing on the future, but never forgetting how lucky he is to have survived.

“Someone was definitely with me that day. So I’m just blessed. I’m very thankful that I’m here today.”

Doctors have told Chris he’ll be able to go home on Wednesday. Chris says he’s looking forward to that, and also going back to work in the months to come.


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