Keith and Dave get ready for the NFL season and talk about 2nd year starting QBs and who is likely to regress.

In our “Beyond The Field-Off Sports Headlines,” Keith and Dave talk about the Ferris Bueller house being for sale and they discuss what movie house they would love to stay in. One of the kids from The Sandlot was arrested for head butting a cop and had a wild mugshot.

Thursday’s Five BIG questions:
1. Should the NFL look to shorten the preseason and add regular season games?
2. Madison Bumgarner asked after the game if he thinks the Giants are “checking out” as the losses pile up: “Sometimes, yeah, I do.”
Does it piss you off that athletes check out?
3. Cleveland fans chant “Detroit’s Bankrupt!” at the Tigers game. Is that going too far or is it great trash talk?
4. Will you watch the PGA Championship if Tiger isn’t in contention?
5. Does Billy Beane need to do something to spark the offense for the stretch run OR hope Cespedes and Reddick get hot?

The A’s have now lost 6 of 7 games so Keith and Dave try to figure out how they get back on track.

Is Dennis Allen’s job on the line this season?

Keith Brooks is the biggest loser with most red cards of the day for bragging about hanging out with Creed.


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