Keith and Dave kick off the show with the “Morning After” with the best highlights from the night.

Who are the NFL coaches on the hot seat? Keith, Dave and the crew debate whether Dennis Allen deserves more than two years.

Carmichael Dave gives the latest on the downtown arena front.

Friday’s Five BIG questions:
1. Will there be a part of you that misses “The Stick?”
2. If you’re Brian Sabean, would you consider bringing Lincecum back next season?
3. What NFL storyline are you most looking forward to this season?
4. Could the Nets ever be New York’s team?
5. What do you want to see from the Raiders this preseason or does it not matter?

The Sacramento Kings dancers, Slamson and Scott Freshour stopped by to drop off Kings jerseys for Keith and Dave.

We then hit on Jack Clark accusing Albert Pujols and Justin Verlander of taking PEDs. Does he have any proof?

The other big story of the day was about the two Lions players who use racial slurs to each other. Is this ok?

In a surprising twist, Nate was the biggest loser with most red cards of the day.


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