SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Sacramento same-sex couples got some ideas at a wedding expo designed just for them on Tuesday.

Mel Jackson and John Dayton have been together for seven years.

“I never thought I would be able to say this is my husband.”

And next month is their big day, but they’ve got some planning to do.

It’s the first LGBT wedding expo in the Sacramento area, held at the Red Lion Hotel near Cal Expo, since same-sex marriages were legalized in California.

So this isn’t just about tasting, drinking, and planning, it’s about celebrating walking down the aisle as partners for life.

“It means a lot of people finally have an opportunity to plan a wedding,” said Fred Palmer with Outword Media Marketing and Events, which put on the expo.

According to the company, same-sex marriages are estimated to bring in another $492 million to the state over the next three years.

That’s great news by Joan Pennebaker, who owns Beautiful By Nature Florist.

“Economically for me, it’s probably going to be a 20-percent increase in my business alone, so I think it’s great for the whole economy.”

While it’s an economic boost for some, it’s a life-changing moment for John and Mel.

“It’s just really important to be recognized as equal to everyone.”

I’m just emotional at the thought that you know I just never put it together that I should be looking for myself, because I really didn’t believe this day would ever come.”

There were also plenty of people with their partners that weren’t engaged, but planning for their future.

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