Grant began the show discussing the Cy Young race, James Harrison’s recent comments about ‘Hard Knocks,’ and NFL defensive lineman Travis Johnson’s comments about Tony Romo. Callers gave their thoughts on which NFL commentator is their favorite.

Scott Bair, Raiders insider for CSN Bay Area, joined Grant on the show to discuss Darren McFadden’s contract situation, the offensive line, and what to expect from Charles Woodson this year.

Grant took more phone calls on thoughts about the good and bad commentators in the NFL.

Mike Wise, sports columnist and feature writer for The Washington Post, came on to the show to discuss the latest on RGIII’s recovery. Mike talked about the potential trust issues between Robert Griffin and Mike Shanahan, how the other players in the locker room feel about the current situation, and made his predictions for how the Redskins and New York Giants will finish this year in the NFC East. Mike also discussed the Washington Nationals disappointing season and how they entered the season overrated.

The Oakland A’s play-by-play announcer, Ken Korach, joined Grant on the show to talk about the A’s tough schedule leading up to the postseason. Ken also discussed the upcoming series against the Houston Astros and how the A’s need to improve their defense from the Toronto series.

Grant played Bill King’s memorable calls and callers gave their thoughts about the legendary commentator.


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