SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A political watchdog has filed a lawsuit seeking the source of funds behind a campaign to stop the building of a downtown Sacramento Kings arena.

The Fair Political Practices Commission sued a law firm that’s refusing to report who is behind the money being spent.

It’s turning into a high-stakes showdown that you won’t see on a new Kings basketball court. This one’s hitting superior court.

“There’s an active signature-gathering effort under way and the public has the right to know who’s funding it.”

Arena supporters are calling foul on the law firm Loeb and Loeb for not disclosing the source of the funds.

“For our agency, it’s not important who’s funding it. It’s important that the public has that information, and we’re going to go to the mat to make sure they get that.”

The law firm represented the Maloofs through their sale of the Kings’ franchise. The Maloofs deny the money is theirs, but whose it is remains unknown.

Julian Camacho is the founder of STOP, the grassroots campaign gathering all the signatures to put the arena subsidy on a ballot.

When asked if he would call on the funders to disclose themselves, he said, “No, I think the FPPC is doing a very good job at that. I wouldn’t want to muddy the waters.”

Tab Berg admits Loeb and Loeb paid him to work on the campaign, but says he’s cut ties after learning they won’t say where the money is coming from.

“There’s no a single campaign in California that voluntarily tells you everybody that’s given their money, and how they spent all their money until its time to turn in the reports.”


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