Keith and Dave kick off the show with the “Morning After” with the best highlights from Wednesday including Chris Young getting robbed in another tough loss, LA Dodgers walk-off and the Rangers win.

The Kings are ranked 14th in the Western Conference by…Is that too low? Dave says it’s a 30-35 win team, and Keith agrees that they’ll be higher than that.

Thursday’s Five BIG questions:
1. Will we ever see a day where we do not have umpires?
2. Victor Conte says half of baseball uses PEDs. Does that number surprise you?
3. Will we be watching A’s playoff baseball in October?
4. How big of a concern is the loss of Jared Veldheer?
5. Texas A&M not allowing autographs at their fan fest. Is the school making a smart decision?

The guys also went over there NFL predictions including division winners, AFC/NFC Wildcard, Super Bowl, MVP, and coach of the year.

Also, Keith and Dave talk about the potential changes to MLB’s replay system.

Mike D and Nate are the biggest losers with most red cards of the day.


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