By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — First he tried to move the Sacramento Kings to Seattle. On Friday, he was exposed as funding the effort to stop plans for a new Sacramento arena.

He issued a statement saying he made a mistake that he regrets.

The answer is now in black and white. Chris Hansen’s name is written on overdue campaign-disclosure statements showing he’s paid $100,000.

What had been Hansen’s secret funding through the Maloof family’s law firm, Loeb and Loeb, is now plain for all to see.

“Chris Hansen and Loeb and Loeb are sophisticated parties. They clearly should have known that disclosure was required in this case.”

But a statement Hansen issued following the disclosure is drawing new scrutiny by the FPPC.

His statement reads, “I made a mistake I regret. … I was approached through Loeb by the opposition about making a contribution to the opposition’s efforts as part of a broader group and agreed to make a donation.”

But the FPPC says different—Hansen’s filing says he made an independent decision to gather signatures.

This investigation isn’t over.

“They’ve made a disclosure, so for now we’re taking that at face value. We will confirm that that was indeed a proper disclosure and see if there are additional filings as needed.”

The founder of STOP, a Sacramento grassroots campaign against the arena public subsidy, says he never knew Hansen was involved, but says the money has helped.

“The paid signatures certainly helped, and if he paid them, then he helped us. And we appreciate that and say thank you. And if there’s some other rich  mogul out there, I say we can use all the help you can give us.”


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