MANTECA (CBS13) – A crackdown on smoking is underway in Manteca, where city leaders may soon ban smoking in all of its almost 60 parks.

Denise Cashdollar enjoys taking her youngsters to Library Park in Manteca for fresh air and fun in the sun. She hopes Manteca city council passes a proposed ordinance banning smokers at parks.

“It of course benefits the children. Second-hand smoke is horrible, we all know it’s horrible,” said Cashdollar.

Dozens of tossed butts cover the area near park benches. Some parkgoers say if the city provided ashtrays, smokers may be more inclined to pick up their smoking trash.

“I can just look over my shoulder and count 50 of them on the ground right here. If you are at a park, you want the grass green, you don’t want it green with cigarette butts,” said Brian Patzkowsi.

But some smokers hope city leaders won’t outlaw lighting up.

“I feel like my rights are being violated,” said a smoker.

Even though state law bans smoking within 25 feet of playground equipment, we spotted discarded cigarettes scattered around the playground.

Manteca is not the first city to consider smoke-free parks. According to the American Non-Smokers’ Rights Foundation, more than 100 California cities and counties like Roseville and Ceres have bans in place.

Denise hopes Manteca follows suit.

“This is a family place kids are going to be here obviously why would you even want to disrespect them and smoke?” said Denise.

The city council is expected to decide on the ban next week. It’s unclear how the city plans to enforce ban if the proposal is passed.


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