Today on the show Don started off by playing clips from Star Trek trying to convince Drew to be his nerd friend. Don talked about Dick Van Dyke getting into a car wreck and barely escaping his car before it blew up. Don teased that Drew might be getting married or him and his girl are expecting. Don’s wife Janet stopped by with some treats for the boys. Drew read a letter left for a mother of an autistic child from a hurtful anonymous coward. Don then took a call from a father of an autistic child who couldn’t believe someone could be so mean. Comedian Michael McDonald joined the show to promote his shows at the Punchline in San Francisco and talked about his latest TV projects. Don tells a story of a 22-year old who was hit by a train traveling 110 mph and Don took calls to complete our fantasy football league. Don ended the show with a youtube clip on how to do radio!


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