LOOMIS (CBS13) — The mayor of Loomis wants to resign in the middle of his term, but he wants to pick his successor before he leaves office, first.

No one knows why Mayor Walt Scherer is resigning. While the town waits for answers, it doesn’t appear this will be a quick exit.

Councilwoman Sandy Calvert says the man who has been on the council since 1986 is giving an ultimatum.

“There will not be a resignation unless the council appoints who he would like. But we can’t appoint anyone until we get a formal resignation.”

Scherer wants to name the owner of a popular burger stop as the next mayor. But It doesn’t appear the rest of the council is eager to make that happen.

“No you can’t legislate from your La-Z-Boy. You can’t say who you want where and when,” Calvert said.

Questions have also been raised about whether Scherer’s choice can serve without any previous council experience.

Another big concern, Scherer leaves in the middle of a new redevelopment effort taking place in Loomis. Shop owners such as Krystal Koomler hope it doesn’t hurt the chances of building up main street.

“It could either be something that will help the town to grow faster or something that will stunt the growth.”

But for now everyone will have to wait. As its a match of who will blink first? The council or the mayor.

The mayor is expected to take off on vacation for a month, so this will likely wait until when he gets back. Efforts to speak with him went unreturned.


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