SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A doctor who prescribes medical marijuana had his Sacramento office robbed at gunpoint.

The crooks pistol-whipped a man, and held two employees at gunpoint, while they grabbed the cash box and took off from the American River Drive office.

Dozens of police officers descended on the office building, with employees working inside told to shelter in place.

“I was called by my secretary and was told not to leave the building.”

While some workers had visible injuries of the crime that occurred.

“We received multiple calls that there was an armed robbery in progress at the location.”

It happened on the 2300 block of American River. Two men would enter the building and run into a doctor’s office specializing in medical marijuana prescriptions. Officers say they would pistol-whip one of the employees, then hold two women inside at gunpoint.

“I just heard that one of them was in the building, and one of them was armed with a handgun.”

Officers, realizing no witnesses had seen the suspects leave, carried out a tactical sweep of the building.

“We just went to the windows and watched the guys, the cops standing there with their guns drawn for a long time.”

Employees of other businesses inside say they had to sit tight.

“Finally they just knocked on our door and let us out.”

Eventually, everyone would be accounted for, except those two suspects who got away, with what officers say was only a purse.

Those two criminals perhaps thinking they would find marijuana, but the office is not a dispensary.

“An odd location for a robbery to be taking place.”


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