SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A serial tire-slasher is still on the loose in north Sacramento, targeting people living in low-income housing.

When we recently reported on the problem, the Sacramento Housing Authority said they were looking into increasing security at the complex.

For the past seventh months, neighbors of the apartment complex off Northgate have come out to their cars in the morning and see their tires slashed and rim resting on the ground.

Not only is this costing residents hundreds and even thousands of dollars, it is disrupting their lives. They can’t get their kids to school, go to work or even get groceries. Residents are fed up and want something done now.

“Everybody is mad and tired of it. They got to take kids to school and pick them up. Nobody has money like that,” said Joy Bush.

“They are not doing anything. We can’t afford this every month. This is coming out of your kids’ clothes, school, food, this is crazy,” said Chevleat Moore.

Housing authority spokeswoman Angela Jones sent CBS13 the following statement:

“We’re working in coordination with the Sacramento Police Department and they’ve been increasing patrols around the complex. We have also added private security patrols and installed cameras, and we’re continuing to look at other solutions to try to address the issues.”

Cameras have also been installed around the complex.

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