By Steve Large

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — The National Football League has reached a proposed $765 million settlement with retired players suing for medical damages.

At former San Francisco 49er Dan Bunz’s Roseville bar, game time is good for business. For Bunz, who wore No. 57 on two Super Bowl champion teams, the NFL’s decision to settle a head-injury lawsuit means he could one day receive money to pay for treatment for his career of hard hits.

“I get things backwards a lot lately. Just the other day, the guy gave me a number. I wrote it, I called—totally backwards,” said Bunz.

Bunz is still strong. He works out and teaches middle school, but worries about whether the game has put his mind at risk.

“Really, all of a sudden you start thinking, ‘Am I going down that rabbit hole? Am I gonna start having that issue? Is my family going to be burdened with me?’” he says.

The NFL is settling the class-action lawsuit filed by thousands of retired players alleging the league hid the long-term dangers of head injuries. Science shows repeated hits can lead to dementia and other neurological problems.

Fans have watched the NFL’s legal drama unfold.

“I’m just glad to see that part of it come to an end,” said Bunz.

Now Bunz and other players who have played the sport will have a new way to tackle their medical problems.

A judge still has to approve the settlement, in which the league did not acknowledge any wrongdoing with how it dealt with head injuries.


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