By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A new Sacramento Kings arena jobs plan is circulating in that would give greater access to permanent positions based on where applicants live.

They are the sign of tough times. Closed shops, blighted streets and out of work people.

Sacramento has plenty of ZIP codes still dealing with double-digit unemployment.

95817 Oak Park—14.1 percent

95815 North Sacramento—14.9 percent

95814 Downtown—16.2 percent

95824 between Fruitridge and 47th Avenue—16.3 percent

And the highest, 95832 Meadowview—17.1 percent

Mayor Kevin Johnson is promoting the proposed downtown arena as a place to find jobs.

Now there’s a new plan by Bill camp with the Sacramento Central Labor Council to give people in the ZIP codes with the highest unemployment first dibs on permanent arena work.

“It’s unique to my knowledge,” he said.

21-year-old Marcus Yancy says he’d like it. He bikes to a Sacramento Regional Conservation Corps headquartered in one of the struggling ZIP codes.

“It’s a good program, and the arena can do the same thing for other kids or youth. That would be a great program. That would be a great opportunity.”


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