STOCKTON (CBS13) — Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva is on the defensive after allegations surfaced that someone close to him plotted to hack other city leaders’ emails.

The Stockton Police say they’re investigating as a report surfaces that two Stockton businessmen may have planned to hack into the email accounts of City Manager Bob Deis and City Councilman Michael Tubbs.

Silva denies any involvement with the possible plot, despite one of the reported suspects having close ties with the embattled mayor.

“Are you concerned that it may appear that you put someone up to this to make other city council members look bad?”

“No, I don’t this it appears like that at all,” Silva responded. “And that’s definitely not the case.”

Since police would not confirm the suspects’ names, CBS13 is not naming them, but we did try to get in touch with them tonight with no luck.

Tubbs wouldn’t go into specifics about his conversations with police, but he does acknowledge he was a possible target of the alleged plot. In fact, he says his personal email account was recently compromised.

“I’m concerned that this might have actually happened. I think we all share concerns, so I’m hopeful that this investigation will clear up some of these questions and give us more answers.”

Silva denounced the possible hack.

“If something did happen, then it’s unacceptable. But at the same time if anyone fabricated any part of this that is unacceptable as well.”


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