SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Sacramento Police are cracking down on the rash of bicycle thefts in Midtown.

The Handle District recently bought two bait bikes. They look just like other bikes, but are equipped with GPS locators.

The bikes are locked at various spots around Midtown, and police officers are alerted when they are moved.

If you often park your bike in Midtown, police remind cyclists that parts of bikes are just as expensive as the bikes themselves, so riders should take off easily removable parts.

They’ve made only 10 arrests in the last two months, but they’ve recovered all the stolen bait bikes.

As an added measure to deal with bike theft, City Councilman Steven Hansen told CBS13 his bike registry should have a soft launch by the end of the year.

Riders can register for the program online for free. Retailers who sell used bikes will be able to use that data to cross-check if a bike is stolen.

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