CERES (CBS13) — City leaders admit that having 41 rabbits in one home is illegal, but one man has that many living with him.

Randy Koga rescues rabbits, but he has rabbit rescue groups saying how he’s taking care of his dozens of rabbits is hare-raising.

He can name all 41 of his rabbits.

“And then there’s Marilee Woodstock.”

“Capone. I think Capone is my favorite.”

Credit: CBS13

Credit: CBS13

Outside his home you’ll often see Capone and a few others. And inside, nearly all of them roam free.

“There’s one that I sleep with.”

He’s adopted so many rabbits, they’ve moved into all three of his bedrooms, and now he’s forced to sleep in the living room.

“I really don’t have a spot to put a bed.”

More than 1,500 people follow Randy’s nonprofit Facebook page, Trinket’s Memorial Rabbit Sanctuary, where he details what’s going on with his rabbits.

He updates on their injuries, adoptions, and daily lives, including the fact he allows them to chew on his medicinal marijuana plants.

But some rescue groups across the country, like one woman in Florida, say Randy is putting his rabbits in danger by letting them roam free outside, and putting their cages on tables.

Credit: CBS13

Credit: CBS13

“He needs to act responsibly like the other respectable rescues,” said Linda Sue.

“I don’t like cages,” Randy said. “I was an ex-con and I was caged.”

He spent three years in prison for drugs. He now works as a print shop worker in the day, but he spends the rest of his free time dedicated to his rabbits—potty training them and nursing the injured.

Credit: CBS13

Credit: CBS13

And no matter what anyone says, he believes their lives are better because of him.

“Everybody’s fine, they’re all safe.”

As for the city, a code enforcement officer told me there’s only one of him. And because of that, the department won’t go after Randy or his rabbits until someone complains.

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