SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — For the first time in five years, minimum wage workers may get a raise in California after Gov. Jerry Brown threw his support behind an increase.

“It’s just thin ice,” said Andre McGee.

He says his family is finding it hard to keep up with expenses, even though he’s working two minimum-wage jobs.

“You can only do so much.”

And other minimum-wage workers have to watch what they spend just to pay the bills.

“It’s hard, bills, the rent, stuff you have to buy,” said jobseeker Amber Sullivan.

Currently California’s minimum wage is $8 an hour. If approved, it would increase to $9 next summer and $10 in January 2016—something small-business owners say would have unintended consequences.

“I don’t have that much room.”

Gifted Gardener owner David Kwong says raising the minimum wage would prune his profit, and the extra expense would trickle down to his employees in other ways.

“Cut back hours for my staff.”

He’s not alone. Muhammad Asif with Old Sac Shirts and Gifts says he’ll have no choice but to let people go.

Both side hope say they hope lawmakers ultimately will make a decision that makes sense.

The bill has the support of the governor, but lawmakers still have to vote on it.


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