MANTECA (CBS13) — A daycare owner says her property is being overrun by the homeless that sleep in front of her business and even on the playground.

Paula Camp of Kinder Camp Academy says it happens all too often. She drives up in the morning to find homeless people pitching tents right outside the front entrance.

And that’s not the only place she says they’ve made themselves right at home.

“Sleeping bags, clothes they sleep up underneath here.”

She says she’s caught them sleeping under the slide or in her alley, taking shelter where kids play.

“When it’s raining they’ll sleep in this little playhouse.”

She finally had to put padlocks on the gates to try and keep them out and away from children who spend the day at the Manteca preschool.

But she says, sometimes they leave their sleeping bags and who knows what else behind.

“When I go out there in the back, and they’ve been sleeping by the playground, is there drug paraphernalia back there? I don’t know, because that’s what they bring.”

She says she had to call 911 yet again on Tuesday when she found two homeless men sleeping who wouldn’t leave.

An unsettling situation for parents and grandparents dropping their young ones off in the morning.

“That’s the important thing, that they’re safe,” said grandparent LaWanda Jordan.

“My kids were a little bit nervous like, ‘What these people doing? Should we get out of the car?” said parent Jennifer Vallero.

Paula opened Kinder Camp in 1996, but she says the problem only started this year. At first her complaints fell on deaf ears, but now cops are helping her crack down.

They’re increasing overnight and early-morning patrols to keep her unwanted guests out.

“We could talk about curriculum, but bottom line my license says you will protect these kids.”

In the past, police would shoo the homeless away. But from now on, if they’re caught camping out on the daycare’s property, cops say they’ll be arrested and charged with trespassing—a deterrent Paula hopes is strong enough to keep them away.

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