STANISLAUS COUNTY (CBS13) – Stanislaus County deputies are jumping ship for better pay, so the sheriff wants to pay them to stay.

The sheriff says something needs to be done so he doesn’t lose any more deputies. In the past year and a half, nearly 17 deputies have left the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department, and by May another 13 are set to leave.

“If we are losing well trained, well qualified, experienced, multi-year employees to other agencies, that’s a crisis,” said Sheriff Adam Christianson.

Christianson says the county and his department need to sweeten the pot for deputies working the front lines. Years of pay cuts and a raise freezes are pushing qualified deputies to the Bay Area and down south.

“I can’t, we can’t, adequately protect the community without adequate resources,” said Christianson.

The county will now look for ways to offer incentives to lure new deputies, such as offering to help pay for school.

“I want to provide an incentive for longevity, because I want long term employees to feel like they are important,” said Christianson.

Christianson says the longer a deputy stays with the department, the better job he or she can do. Experience is something rookies just can bring.

So where will the money come from?

“The economy is slowly coming back, but we’re definitely not there at all,” said County Supervisor Terry Withdrow.

Withdrow says he’s not sure how the county will pay for increased incentives, but says they must try something with whatever money is free.

“I would think the priority of most taxpayers is public safety,” he said.

In the next week, the sheriff will meet with the county to look at what options they have in trying to keep deputies from leaving.


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