WATERFORD (CBS13) — A youth baseball league president is crying foul after someone stole thousands of dollars of equipment, putting the next season in jeopardy.

They stole just about everything, but the bases.

“That was nice of ’em.”

Leaving behind the padlocks they cut to get in.

“They ransacked the place to nothing.”

Bare shelves that should be filled with baseball equipment have David Fernandez in a foul mood.

“They got us for a good chunk of change—probably $15,000 that we don’t have.”

Sitting next to the diamond where he played as a kid, the president of the Waterford Baseball/Softball Association says he isn’t sure there will be a season next year.

“I can’t say it on TV honestly what I think, what I’d like to do to ’em, catch ’em,” he said. “It’s real low. It’s about the kids. You’re stealing from kids from 4 years up to 14.”

The priciest loss was the Kawasaki Mule. That’s the piece of equipment with a price that of $8,000 that they use to drag the infield. Tire tracks show where they just drove it off.

Sadly it’s the second time the league’s been hit.

The last time was in January, and David’s sure it’s the same people.

In sports, they say there’s always next year. Thanks to criminals who apparently think there’s nothing wrong with stealing from kids, next year is in doubt.

The group is asking the community to come forward with donations to replace the stolen equipment.


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