Keith and Carmichael Dave opened up the show with the “Morning After” going over some of the top highlights from Thursday including the ugly Jets-Pats game, the A’s hammering the Twins and the Giants loss to the Dodgers.

Friday’s FIVE big questions:
1. What’s your biggest concern for the 49ers this weekend?
2. How much should Mangold get fined?
3. What is your MUST see NFL game of the weekend?
4. Will A’s increase lead in division this weekend?
5. Do you have a problem with Wilson not talking to the media?

The guys also talked about the big Sunday Night Football game in Seattle and Dave explains why he’s extremely worried about that game. They also talked about Tom Brady’s body language after his receivers dropped balls in Thursday’s win over the Jets.

Former 49ers running back Roger Craig joined Keith Brooks and Carmichael Dave to preview the big 49ers-Seahawks game, the 49ers’ biggest rival, playing with Joe Montana and his upcoming Rock-N-Roll marathon.


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