LODI (CBS13) — Lodi’s Police chief is making some changes after a child shot an officer’s gun at a children’s event.

While the investigation is still ongoing, the department has made changes, including replacing the holster.

Lodi Police Chief showed a similar holster and pictures of a holstered glock that show an exposed trigger, like the one used in the incident.

In August, a young boy somehow managed to walk up to a Lodi Police SWAT officer at a children’s event and pull the trigger. That officer was hit in the leg and was taken to the hospital.

Now the department is researching new holsters for the 14-member SWAT team, starting at $125 each.

“There are many other newer models out there that are probably better constructed, and will do better job to protect and secure an officer’s weapon.”

When the shooting happened, the officer was helping another child try on a SWAT vest.

Now, officers will no longer perform demonstrations alone. And more changes could come after a review board takes a look at what went wrong.

The incident landed the small department in the national spotlight.

Helms is hopeful the ordeal will prevent gun accidents in Lodi and beyond.

“We need to make sure our weapons are safe and that we are aware of our surroundings. And for anybody, whether a child or citizen, any time a weapon is around, don’t touch it.”

The child and his parents have yet to come forward.


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