Pure terror for a young woman all alone when a stranger breaks into her home and goes on the attack.

Once he got inside, she said she knew she had to stay calm in order to survive

“I just hear the doorbell ringing.”

This 18-year-old, who didn’t want to show her face, says she wasn’t expecting anyone, so she didn’t answer the door.

But then she heard some type of commotion coming from the downstairs windows of her Elk Grove home.

The intruder had made his way inside.

“By the time I grabbed my scissors I heard footsteps coming up the stairs.”

A few seconds later, she was face-to-face with the robber.

“He said, ‘Where’s the money? So I was like, ‘I don’t know,’ so he kept demanding and he kept asking.

No matter how scared she got, she kept her cool.

“He said, ‘I will kill you,’ And I stared him right in the eye. I was not going to back down.”

That’s what she says saved her life.

“You’re running on adrenaline, so you don’t really know what’s going to happen next. You’re just kind of figuring, I’m trying to keep myself safe.”

The intruder became more frustrated and hit her in the eye. She needed five stitches.

But then he left, right out the front door.

“He probably just wanted a quick way to get money.”

That 18-year-old was braver than most, and she’s not about to let the bad guy take away her sense of safety.

“I hope they realize what they are doing, and if they don’t, then I hope karma comes back and gets them in the butt.”

The robber didn’t get away with anything. He’s described as a man in his 20s, about 6 feet tall and wearing a denim jacket, blue jeans and tan work boots.


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