Keith and Carmichael Dave opened up the show with the “Morning After” going over week two highlights and the A’s taking control over the AL West.

The guys also talked about the 49ers loss in Seattle. Dave isn’t too concerned about the loss but believes the Seahawks are virtually unbeatable at home. Keith wasn’t impressed with Colin Kaepernick’s decision making in the loss.

Monday’s FIVE big questions:
1. Was this loss more about 49ers mistakes or Seahawks defense?
2. Does the 49ers loss change the way you look at them?
3. Are the Raiders better than we thought they would be?
4. What’s the biggest surprise in the NFL through 2 weeks?
5. What did you learn about the A’s this weekend?

Keith and Dave also talked about Washington’s struggles to start the season. Keith thinks Washington to should start Cousins and Dave says RG3 needs time to get healthy.


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