WOODLAND (CBS13) — A man accused of beating a young man in Davis because he was gay will spend 5 years in jail after agreeing to a plea deal.

The victim’s family says they don’t have a problem with the length of his sentence, but they’re still hoping to hear two simple words: I’m sorry.

“I’m always feeling like he’s around.”

The nightmares haven’t ended for Michael Partida. He still looks over his shoulder.

“Or if I’m running, I think he’s going to be coming out of a bush.”

We first talked to Michael last March, after he was brutally beaten and left unconscious in a pool of blood because he’s gay.

Investigators call it a vicious hate crime at the hands of Clayton Garzon, the son of a prominent Davis doctor.

Six months later, Michael now suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder.

“People who look like him, I’ll think its him.”

Garzon pleaded no contest to felony battery on Tuesday. In exchange for his plea, Garzon will be sentenced to five years in the Yolo County Jail.

“I know a lot of people don’t think, but I believe its pretty fair.”

Instead of more years behind bars, the family would rather see some hint of remorse.

“I’ve yet to see any remorse from that family.”

“If I felt that if he was remorseful, that he was sorry, it would be easier,” said Michael’s mom Gloria Partida.

His family says what disturbs them the most was Garzon’s courtroom demeanor.

“I sort of feel like he has a huge sense of entitlement,” Partida said.

“When he was in court he puts on this act like, ‘Poor me look what I’m going through,” said Vanessa Turner, Michael’s cousin.

And Michael realizes his physical and emotional recovery is likely to last far longer than his attacker’s punishment.

“Sometimes I can’t sleep at night, but I try.”

His mom is now organizing a nonprofit to help educate the community about tolerance.


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