Keith and Carmichael Dave opened up the show with the “Morning After” going over the highlights of the Bengals’ win and the A’s loss.

Keith and Dave also talked about the Jaguars being 20-point underdogs for this weekend’s game against the Seahawks. Dave thinks the Jags will be lucky to score a point in Seattle but thinks Oakland will lose by more points in Denver.

Tuesday’s FIVE big questions:
1. Is Tomlin’s future in doubt if Steelers miss the postseason?
2. If you were the Jags, would you consider signing Tebow?
3. Will Schiano be the first coach fired this season?
4. What’s the most impressive sports streak?
5. Is Todd Helton a hall of famer?

The guys also discussed their QB ratings and if you could buy ONE sports franchise, what would you buy?


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