MODESTO (CBS13) — A homeowner came face-to-face with a cat burglar who’s already targeted three homes in Modesto.

“He was standing right there,” said 71-year-old David 71 Schwartz, the homeowner.

Schwartz was surprisingly calm recounting what for most people would be sheer terror.

“He had the advantage. I was just walking,” said Schwartz.

It would turn into a bizarre encounter. Without an obvious weapon, the stranger broke into Schwartz’s house and made him walk with him down the hall while the burglar demanded money. The encounter lasted a few minutes, but it’s one Schwartz will never forget. Ater grabbing a few dollars in change, and even a drink, the suspect ran.

Modesto police are reporting at least three similar incidents in the area near Modesto Junior College.

In one instance, neighbors say a woman was watching TV when a similar suspect came in. When she screamed, he ran.

Schwartz’s daughter lives just feet away and is hoping the cat burglar is nabbed.

“Even if he didn’t hurt my dad, that doesn’t mean he isn’t going to hurt someone else,” said Julia Terpstra, Schwartz’s daughter.

In the meantime, neighbors are locking up, concerned with just how brazen the suspect is.

“They are breaking in midday and not caring if you’re home or not. It makes you wonder what’s going to happen next,” said a neighbor.

For now, he’s just glad he survived. The suspect incredibly tried to dole out advice before he disappeared.

“He was very very adamant about one thing, and that you have got to learn how to lock your house up,” said Schwartz.

The description of the suspect is vague. He was caught on surveillance video, which police are reviewing for clues.


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