SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The last day of summer looked like the Sacramento region skipped a season, as rain pounded the region and the mountains went white with snow.

Sacramento nearly doubled its average rainfall for the month of September in half a day on Saturday, reaching 0.53 inches.

That main line of rainfall turned into snow in higher elevations, an odd sight the day on the last day of summer. In fact a pool party was originally scheduled at Boreal.

The large amount of precipitation cause concerns around where the American Fire burned, prompting a flash flood warning for central Placer County through the evening. That’s since been allowed to expire.

Behind that storm a stubborn cell dumped enough rain on Davis to submerge a car in around 3 feet of water.

Darius Ligett works at the Davis Swim and Fitness Club nearby.

“One lady came in and said it was up to her knees,” he said.

He said the rain sent most of his customers home once their backcourt filled with water in a matter of minutes.

“There was hail, our whole backcourt is flooded. Our pool is flooded. Our hot tub is flooded,” said Ligett.


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