GRASS VALLEY (CBS13) – Abused and abandoned, a dog shot and left for dead is given a second chance by a group of strangers.

The story of Frankie the dog from Grass Valley struck a chord with animal lovers everywhere.

Recovery is still under way for Frankie, who was shot and beaten. He captured the hearts of people across the country as the man accused of the crime faces trial.

“He really repaired well, it was really a miracle,” said Grass Valley-based Scooter’s Pals founder Susan Wallace.

Running around the backyard as any dog would do, you wouldn’t know the horrific past the terrier has been through; but it’s been a long road to recovery.

“It was just a godsend that these people kept looking,” said Wallace.

CBS13 first brought you the story when Frankie was discovered last October by campers who followed a whimpering sound that led them to found the terrier tied to a tree in the woods. His leg was broken and he had been shot in the face several times with a pellet gun and left for dead.

“You just shudder when you think about that,” said Wallace.

Frankie underwent several surgeries on his jaw and paw thanks to almost $12,000 in donations that came in from strangers touched by his story. He now lives in a new home with a new family in Napa.

“The old thing about it, it does take a village. Well there were some villagers for Frankie. I mean it was a wonderful thing,” said Wallace.

Deputies arrested Frankie’s former owner and charged him with animal cruelty. Susan says Monday is the first day of his preliminary hearing; and is hoping a successful prosecution will send a message to other accused animal abusers.

“It’s very important that this get prosecuted, that it be treated seriously and that he has some time out,” said Wallace.

Scooter’s Pals is hoping even more good will come out of what happened to Frankie. They are using his story to help raise funds to save other animals in need through Frankie’s Fund, which has brought in hundreds of extra dollars to pay for other animals’ surgeries.


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