Comcast says CBS13 will be dropped from its cable lineup in Butte County effective October 22, 2013.

The local CBS affiliate for the Chico-Redding DMA – KHSL – went to the FCC and successfully had KOVR-CBS-Sacramento (and KCRA-NBC-Sacramento) removed from “Significantly Viewed Status” in the community of Chico, CA.  What that means-combined with KHSL’s request for CBS network non-duplication protection (and syndicated exclusivity) is that Comcast would be required to blackout most of KOVR’s programming in Chico.  – Bryan Byrd, Comcast Spokesperson

We have many viewers in Butte County who are able to watch our stations using outdoor antennas.

The quality is exceptional and an outdoor antenna will bring nearly all of the Sacramento television stations into your home.

Viewers in the Valley should use a high-gain UHF antenna similar to this:

Credit: William Rivera/Flickr

Credit: William Rivera/Flickr

Viewers in the Foothills should use an antenna similar to this:

Credit: ajmexico/flickr

Credit: ajmexico/flickr

We do recommend a mast-mount amplifier. The antenna should be 10-20 feet above roof level.

For more information, call:
Bob Hess
Director, Operations/Engineering


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