LODI (CBS13) — The father of the Lodi man accused of killing a Los Angeles Dodgers fan says his son did it in self-defense.

Michael Montgomery, 21, is accused of stabbing Jonathan Denver, 24, after Wednesday nights game between the San Francisco Giants and the Dodgers.

Tape and a homemade No Soliciting sign block the staircase that leads to the apartment where Montgomery’s mother lives, and where he frequently stayed.

While no one answered the door at his Marty Montgomery’s Lodi home, the father of the stabbing suspect told the Lodi News Sentinel that his son acted in self-defense after Denver hit Michael Montgomery over the head with a chair.

“He’s freaking out,” Marty Montgomery said. “He’s like, ‘I saw him die in his dad’s arms.’”

Wearing Dodgers gear, Denver was walking with his dad and others after attending a Giants game when words were exchanged after the 21-year-old and his friend left a nightclub.

That trash talking turned physical, and Denver was stabbed to death.


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