SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A new era for the Sacramento Kings has started, with a few familiar faces along for the ride.

Power forward Carl Landry, who played for the team in 2010, is back in town after spending time with the New Orleans Hornets and the Golden State Warriors.

“It was definitely different from three years ago while I was here, from top to bottom,” Landry said. “It feeds good. It feels like you are in a winning atmosphere.”

Corliss Williamson who played during two stretches in the 90s and 2000s, returns as a coach.

“This town has always supported the Kings- Sacramento is a great community. With new changes here in the organization it felt like a great opportunity.”

Jimmer Fredette typically heats up the nets with his shooting ability. On Monday, he grabbed the ball and all of the sudden the fire alarm started wailing.

Blaring sirens aside, media day for the Kings was a bit lighter this year, with more certainty in the team’s future.

Seattle native Isaiah Thomas is happy he no longer has to answer questions about the Kings moving.

“Towards the end of the year it wasn’t even about the game anymore, it was about Seattle and Sacramento,” he said, “so I’m glad it’s over with.”

But with those worries aside, rookies like Ray McCallum have their own concerns, especially when it comes to hazing.

“Everything has been pretty cool,” he said. “I think they’ve been holding back, but now that everything is officially happening, I have heard some things are on their way.”



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