Federal Workers Come In For Work, Only To Be Sent Home To Wait Out Shutdown

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SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Thousands of federal workers around Sacramento reported for work on Tuesday, only to be told to go home because of the federal government shutdown.


Sheila Larsen is one of thousands who packed up and left work on Tuesday not knowing when she’ll get paid again.


“We’re going home, and we’ll be back when they call us,” she said. “I’ve packed up my plants in case it’s a long time, and I’m going to go home and figure out where I go from here.”


Special agent Scott Mumper says as of noon on Tuesday, all potential arrests or indictments for pending federal cases go on hold.


“I do major felony fraud cases, bringing back tens of millions of dollars in cases, and I’m laid off,” Mumper said.


Employees had a chance to prepare on Monday.


“We had a meeting yesterday to talk about that everyone needed to come in and close down, shut the computers down, put notices on our email and phone.


Even employees of the cafeteria on campus—some of whom had no idea this was a possibility—had to go home.


A federal employee said he’s been paid up until Tuesday, but he has no idea when he will get his next paycheck.




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