GRASS VALLEY (CBS13) — Grass Valley schools are warning parents to be on high alert after a kindergartener says a man tried to lure her into his truck to help look for a puppy.

While the little girl ran away, it’s still the third similar report in the last three weeks. Police aren’t saying if the three cases are linked.

John Sanders says it took him less than a minute to get a glass of water while his grandchildren played outside his Grass Valley home.

“That’s how quick somebody can grab your child.  That’s scary,” he said.

As he came back out, his 5-year-old granddaughter Kysa came running up. His heart sank as he knew right away that something was wrong.

“I said, ‘What’s the matter?’ She had a panicked look and she says, ‘Papi a man just asked if I would get in his truck and help him find a puppy.’”

Thankfully Kysa did exactly what she’s been taught in school—she said no and ran away.

“She told the sheriff it was an old man like Papi in a red truck and he had white hair and a mustache,” Sanders said.

Two similar incidents were reported around Grass Valley on Sept. 14 and 22. Both involved a man trying unsuccessfully to lure a young girl into his truck.

It’s not clear if the three events are related, but parents are fearful it’s the same man.

“He’s sick,” said worried grandmother Janella Kirkman. “If he’s doing that, he needs some help.”

John and Suzie Sanders are still shaken, saying they’re proud of their granddaughter for running away. They say they have no doubt the 5-year-old was in danger.



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