MODESTO (CBS13) — A mother is looking for answers from California Highway Patrol officers two months after her son was killed in a motorcycle accident.

Kimberly Axelrad spent hours poring over the CHP incident report from the accident that killed her son, Scott Corely, when she came across a witness statement from a truck driver who saw the whole thing.

According to that report, the man told officers it appeared another big rig driver intentionally drove onto the shoulder to keep Corely from passing him.

“My son was deliberately blocked to pass,” she said.

Investigators say Corely was speeding when he illegally passed on the shoulder, then lost control and crashed. He came to rest under the tractor trailer. The drive hasn’t been found.

“Every night that he lays his head on his pillow, he’s going ot have to live with that,” she said. “Every morning I wake up, and I have to remember my son is dead.”

CHP Officer Daniel Sepulveda says Corely is at fault for the crash, but they still want to find the driver in the white cab truck with a brown trailer.

“And if the driver did have knowledge that he was involved in an accident, and had hit somebody, then he could be found at fault of a hit and run,” he said.

Axelrad is desperate for closure, as her son’s fiancee prepares to welcome a baby boy, who will now face the world without his father.

“He was a good man, he helped all of his friends and for this to happen to him just doesn’t seem fair, like this, it’s not right,” she said.


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