DAVIS (CBS13) — Davis Police say cutting fines is the first step to cracking down on bicyclists behaving badly.

Officers say they are hesitant to write tickets for $200, because they believe the amount is excessive for the offense.

So to step up enforcement, police have asked the city to something unexpected—lower the fine for a first-time offender to just $50.

“What we’re seeing is that our bicycle enforcement has decreased, because I not only does the public feel as though the $202 fine is excessive but officers feel it as well,” said Davis Police Lt. Glenn Glasgow.

That’s right, even officers think the fine is steep for a town full of college kids.

CBS13 cameras captured the enforcement problem as cyclists would roll through stop signs, and one even zipped through a stop sign without looking.

“With the reduction in the fine, what we’re hoping for is to create a safer environment, and part of that is through enforcement,” Glasgow said.



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