ACAMPO (CBS13) — A $50,000 amphitheater will have to come down, after neighbors complained about the project and found proper permits weren’t filed before it was built.

The amphitheater—or wine garden, as the owner prefers to call it—is nestled in the back of the St. Jorge Winery in Acampo.

“They are talking about me taking it down, I’m not sure what they mean by taking it down there’s nothing really to take down I’m allowed to grow vineyard and trellis for vines,” said owner Vern Vierra.

Fed up with noisy winery events, the senior-citizen couple who lives next door enlisted their son, who is an attorney, to take legal action.

They also appealed the expansion that would have allowed the amphitheater, a kitchen, and more events.

“The neighborhood rallied together, and tried to fight against the county allowing this to happen,” attorney David Isola.

A total of 26 neighbors joined the fight and learned the winery broke rules by holding five times the amount of events allowed.

Vierra isn’t tearing down the amphitheater yet, as he waits on legal advice before making his next move.


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