On today’s show Jason Ross filled in for Grant Napear. Jason talked about last night’s Monday Night Football game with the San Diego Chargers vs. Indianapolis Colts. Jason also touched on Peyton Manning’s greatness and how well the Broncos are doing this year while also comparing the accomplishments of the Kansas City Chiefs. Jason also talked about Carl Landry being out for 3-4 months. Later on some fans called in and talked about the Philadelphia Eagles QB Situation and whether to play Michael Vick or Nick Foles. Jason also touched on Yasiel Puig’s game and the way he plays and how it offends certain people.

Jason talked about the Boston Red Sox game Monday night and David Ortiz’s home run and where it ranks among postseason home runs while also referencing a list of walk off home runs and talked about great home runs in playoff history.

Around 4:45 Mike Bratz, assistant GM of the Kings, called in and talked about the Kings and what he thinks of the team so far. Bratz talked about the Carl Landry injury and talks about the veteran leadership he brings to the team as well as the Mbah a Moute injury. Ross touched on the fact that the roster is still being cut down and about the progress of Ray McCallum and Ben McLemore. Finally Bratz talked about Demarcus Cousins’ growth and what he expects from him going forward.

Jason talked about the Kings starting lineup and asks the callers about who they think will/should start. He later talked about Andrew Wiggins and his endorsements coming when he decides to leave school early.

Matt Barrows Sac Bee called in at 6:00 and talked about the San Francisco 49ers and their game in London coming up and about how some of the players don’t have passports because they’re young and how the government shutdown makes it harder. Matt also talked about the workload may be starting to become a factor considering the success over the last few years. They also touched on Eric Reid and how good he’s been this year as well as touched on whether or not they believe that Aldon Smith will come back this season. Towards the end Jason asked if we could see the Raider vs. 49er game in London next year.

The show wrapped up talking about Yasiel Puig and how he acts as well as going back to the Kings potential starting lineup as well as talking about Demarcus Cousins and the extension that he got.


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