MANTECA (CBS13) — Speed limits are on the rise in Manteca to satisfy a state law that would allow cops to use speeding tickets with radar guns.

The speed limit will be going up on 28 sections of road as a result of a traffic survey required every 7 years by state law. Speed limits are adjusted by how fast cars actually travel on that road.

In other words, Manteca is increasing the speed limit, because a majority of drivers are already speeding.

The Manteca City Council passed the speed limit measure over the objection of several members, who now say they could look as using roundabouts or other measures to slow traffic on those roads.

Manteca resident Greg Milobar’s daughter just got her driver’s license, and like any good dad, he’s worried about her following the rules of the road.

“She needs to pay attention to the speed limit. It’s there for a reason,” he said.

He’s concerned about the increase in speed limits.

“People go 5 to 10 miles an hour over the speed limit anyway,” he said.

Jessica says people practically flew by her as she learned how to drive.

“I’m going the speed limit, other people are going 35 or 45. I’m going too slow for them,” she said.

Had the City Council not passed the resolution, officers would be barred from using radar guns to catch speeders.


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