SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Nearly 2,000 Sacramento State University employees are learning their personal information may be in the hands of hackers.

Some of those employees are frustrated how long it took for the university to notify them of the breach that happened in August.

A Sacramento State employee, who asked not to be identified, is one of those frustrated workers.

“I think three weeks is an issue, it’s a huge issue,” she said. “You only have so much time to contact your bank.”

The university confirms someone recently hacked into a school server, and may have accessed around 1,800 staff members’ social security and driver’s license numbers.

“It didn’t take three weeks to send a letter. It took a while—as these things do—to investigate,” said Sacramento State spokeswoman Kim Nava.

Technicians realized the breach back on Aug. 21, then investigated for a month and realized the possibility sensitive information may have been accessed.

But it still took them three weeks from then until this week to let staff know about the breach.

“It does seem like a long time,” said the unidentified employee. “I actually got my letter Wednesday.”

Nava said while we expect computer information to come quickly, in these cases it doesn’t. After realizing the breach, technicians still had to figure out whose data was housed in the breached data.

“That takes a lot of time,” she said, “also to get the physical addresses of the employees, get the letters ready, and send them out. But we were working night and day to get this done.”


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