Today, on the Grant Napear Show, Grant talked about the Kings game tonight vs. the Phoenix Suns. He talked about the Kings’ starting lineup and asked the callers to call in and give their thoughts on who they thought should start as well as getting into the team’s best ten players. He also talked about the backcourt and asked who the callers thought would be the best two guards when it comes to both offense and defense.

Later on, Grant discussed the Thursday Night Football game tonight and what he thought about the game while also talking about the lack of quality that the Thursday Night games have produced over the season. He also talked about the Chicago Bears vs. Washington Redskins game and what he thinks about Jay Cutler as a quarterback. Grant also talked about Hakeem Nicks and the possibility that he may be traded from the New York Giants.

Later on Corey Lemonier of the San Francisco 49ers called in and talked about his time with the San Francisco 49ers. He talked about things like the Seattle Seahawks’ Crowd as well as going to London and what he thought about the game there. He also talked about Jim Harbaugh and what he thought about his personality.

Afterwards Grant talked about some of the upcoming college football games this weekend including Clemson and Florida State as well Stanford and UCLA. Grant also talked about Kings and Warriors and the rivalry that they have, and have had over the years and what he thinks about the two teams this season before ending talking again about the game tonight as well as the other games going on tonight from the NFL, NCAA and MLB.


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