Keith Brooks & Carmichael Dave Show – October 18, 2013

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Keith Brooks & Carmichael Dave - KHTK Sports 1140

Keith Brooks & Carmichael Dave – KHTK Sports 1140

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The Friday show started off with some Man Stuff and a loyal listener giveaway for the early birds. The guys talked about the Red Sox win last night behind a mammoth home run from Mike Napoli, the Sharks’ first loss of the season, and the Seahawks’ dominating performance in Arizona.

Dave Richard, CBS Sports Fantasy Football Guru, checked in at seven o’clock to clown on Dave and make fun of Keith’s winless fantasy team in the KHTK league.

After a quick game of “guess that fluid” with Mike D, in which Keith had some fun with his blender while trying to trigger Mike D’s lightning-quick gag reflex, the guys moved on to some sports headlines followed by the Five Big Questions.

Comedian Rob Delaney was in studio with Keith and Dave, giving his thoughts on the Pick Six for this week as well as being on the road, what it’s like to experience success later in life, and whether he roots for his native Red Sox or the Dodgers after moving to Los Angeles for his career.

The show closed with Dave being tagged as Friday’s “Biggest Loser” for fawning over Rob Delaney like a child at Christmas.

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