SPARKS, NEV. (CBS13) — Shootings like Monday’s at Sparks Middle School that killed a teacher and left two students wounded leave communities in shock, wondering what could have led someone to commit such a horrific act.

Each shooter faces his or her own demons, but there also tends to be a similar theme to what led each of them to the tragic event.

“It’s a kid who gives up and doesn’t understand the concept of life and death,” said family therapist Tom Orrock.

There are still no answers to why a young teenage boy went to school on Monday and opened fire on classmates.

Orrock believes the teen felt he had nothing to live for.

“I think in this case, it is likely a young man who has given up and doesn’t see any reason to continue, and wanted to take out revenge on somebody else,” he said.

Whether it’s in Sparks at a middle school, or in Newton, Conn., at an elementary school, there seems to be a common behavior found in these killers.

“We’re definitely seeing isolation, and I think that is something to watch for,” Orrock said.

In the coming days, weeks and months, the focus will be on the children who had to live through that horrific day.

“They are going to experience nightmares, if they witnessed it; they are going to experience some flashbacks. They are not going to want to go to school for awhile,” he said.

That shooting is likely to play over and over in their minds, with everyone still wondering why.

“A lot of them are trying to figure out did I have any responsibility in it. ‘Could I have done something for that peer of mine. Did I miss something?’”

In the wake of any traumatic event, Orrock says it’s also important to watch for children who slip into depression.


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